When winter starts to thaw, do you hear the call of the wild? Yes? Then look no further than a Wyoming getaway. The state is home to USA’s first national park (Yellowstone National Park), first national monument (Devils Tower) and first national forest (Shoshone), as well as 25 national historic landmarks. That can only mean one thing: There is a whole lot of wilderness to explore! Here we share the lowdown on two of our favorite national parks: Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Grand Teton National Park Prepare for stunning vistas to take your breath away at Grand Teton, which lies just north of the town of Jackson. The park’s 310,000-acres of lush valley floors, mountain meadows, alpine lakes and the rising peaks never fail to amaze. The park enjoys four glorious seasons – each one as stunning as the next. At this time of year the wildlife migration is in full swing, so you can expect to see the elk, bison, deer and moose moving to their summer habitats. And this is the ideal time of year for wildlife-watching, as the park is a little quieter than it is during the summer months. The Moose District is a big hit with wildlife lovers, as it offers a variety of fabulous trails and scenic drives, as well as a selection of ranger programs. You can get all the information you need about making the very most of your time at Grand Teton at the Moose District’s Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center. Yellowstone National Park This park’s incredible two million acres are home to an unfathomable combination of rugged beauty and astounding wildlife. And if you really want to make the most of your visit in this incredible place, spring is the perfect time to visit, as it isn’t jam-packed with noisy, curious visitors. Like Grand Teton, Yellowstone enjoys four wonderful seasons, and spring is known as its ‘Undiscovered Season’. Why? Because it provides a unique, uncrowded trip experience. At this time of year you can enjoy uninterrupted hikes and bikes along the lower-elevation trails or go bison and elk-spotting. Just prepare yourself for some extra cuteness, because the bison and elk have their babies at this time of year! And, as with Grand Teton, less crowds means more wildlife! If you’re looking for somewhere to chill out after a day tracking down elk or bison babies (how cute!), then book yourself into a King Fireplace Room at the retreat-style Wyoming Inn, where you can enjoy some glorious down-time by your very own roaring fire.

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